Are You A Youth Librarian In Charge Of Event Planning? 3 Reasons To Host An Animal Stage Show

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A career in youth services keeps you busy with planning new activities that help stimulate young children to want to read and learn. While events at your library may often involve traditional activities such as storytimes and puppet shows, it helps to break away from the usual schedule every once in a while. Yet you may be wondering what you can do this year that hasn't been done before, and the pressure may also be on to come up with something that brings in a bigger crowd. As you get ready to sit down with your event planning committee, you can get a head start on making this year the best one ever by considering these benefits of arranging for a traveling animal stage show.

Attract New Patrons

Libraries typically serve as a hub in communities where people can go to pick out books, study and do research. Many libraries today also support a collaborative environment by offering things such as computer labs, conference rooms, and special classes. However, there are still people in your community who may have no idea what all your library offers. Animal stage shows are intriguing enough to attract the attention of people who might not otherwise step through the library doors. When parents bring their children to the show, they get a chance to look around and this often turns into more memberships.

Raise Environmental Awareness

The library that you work in also has a responsibly to improve the community, and your role working with young children is the perfect place to start developing positive habits. Young children respond best to interactive learning experiences. When they see the animals in the show, they begin to care more about taking care of their natural habitats. You can even follow the traveling animal show up with a future event that is based upon taking care of the environment.

Get Kids Interested in Research

Individual research projects give kids a chance to delve deeper into the subjects that interest them the most, and even a preschooler can do some simple research with an adult's help. Once kids see an animal such as a chinchilla or hedgehog in person, they naturally want to learn as much as they can about the critter. Try doing some prep work before the show by finding out which animals should be coming to the stage. Then, put books about these animals' front and center on the displays. This way, you can easily point kids and their families in the right direction for cultivating an interest in researching topics that the child is passionate about.

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