Important Factors To Consider When Enrolling Your Child In A STEM Summer Camp

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Enrolling your child in a STEM summer camp allows them to learn more about science, math and technology while performing fun activities that both teach and engage them. As STEM continues to grow and becomes more mainstream, more and more places are offering STEM summer camps. It is important to understand that no two camps are the same, and as such, you need to research the camp you are considering enrolling your child in. Here are a few of the key factors that you should pay close attention to when you are considering enrolling your child in a STEM summer camp. 

If The Summer Camp Has Specialized STEM Courses

One of the first things that you want to consider when you are enrolling your child in STEM summer classes is whether the camp offers general STEM activities or whether they offer specialized courses. Specialized courses or camps may include courses that are catered to video game design, coding, robotics, and engineering. Some children want to learn about different elements of STEM, and for those children, a general STEM course that focuses on all aspects of STEM may be a good fit. Other children have more specific interests, and for those kids, specialized courses or camps may be the better choice. 

The Structure of the STEM Summer Camp 

Another important factor to consider when enrolling your child in a STEM summer camp is how the camp is structured. Is the camp a full day or half-day camp? Is the camp only a few weeks in the summer or is it the entire summer? Are children grouped together based on interests or based on age? Always take the time to learn about the structure of the camp and whether it fits your child's schedule and what they are looking for in a STEM camp. 

Whether the Camp Is Offered Virtually or In-Person

Lastly, you need to consider whether the camp is an in-person camp or a virtual, online camp. Some children want to hop on a computer and engage, while others may learn better in-person. Also, if the course is in-person, ask if there are contingency plans for virtual or online courses should local COVID-19 rules change and in-person courses are no longer an option when the course takes place. 

Taking the time to learn more about the STEM courses that a STEM summer camp offers, how the classes and courses are structured, and whether the camp is offered virtually or in-person can help you to find the right course for your child. Talk to your child's school and do online searches to find the STEM summer camps that may be best suited for your child.