3 Ways Preschool Can Help Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten

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As a parent of a young child, you likely want to do all that you can to prepare them for kindergarten and optimize their chances of succeeding in school. One important thing you can do is enroll your child in preschool. Here are just a few ways preschool can help prepare your little one for kindergarten:

Improved Communication Skills

Preschool is a very social setting where children and teachers all have to get along to succeed. As your child progresses through preschool, they will have to learn how to communicate with a variety of different personalities and take direction from teachers who might use different teaching methods.

They'll also have to learn how to work as a team to accomplish goals, whether while putting a puzzle together or playing a game of tag outside. So by the time your child enters kindergarten, they will already know how to better interact with everyone they meet and work with.

More Confidence in a Social Settings

As your child gets better at communicating in a social environment, they will likely gain more confidence in their ability to express their personal opinions and views in a respectful way that makes them feel empowered. They'll be less likely to sit in the back of the class and more likely to be the one to ask important questions and participate in group discussions once they enter kindergarten.

The confidence your child gains can help make their experiences during lunch and play breaks at school more enjoyable overall because they'll want to participate in games and activities instead of sitting on the sidelines and watching.

Enhanced Learning and Studying Skills

While your little one won't do nearly as much school work in preschool as they will in kindergarten, they will sit down in a school setting to work on their writing, reading, and troubleshooting skills in some way.

Whether it's practicing their ABC's or tracing letters and pictures on paper, your child will get comfortable with the learning environment and more easily be able to adapt to the kindergarten setting. When you're helping your child practice the things they learn in preschool, you'll be preparing them to properly study at home when they start getting homework assignments in later years of school.

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