5 Traits To Look For In A Flight Instructor

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If you want to get your pilot license, you will need to attend a flight school and undergo extensive flight training and practice in order to obtain your pilot license. When you look at flight schools, don't just pay attention to the tuition. Ask to meet with the instructors who run the flight school. As with any learning endeavor, it is important for you to connect with the instructors. You want to attend a school where you can find an instructor who you click with. Here are eight traits you should look for in a flight instructor.

Trait #1: Charges a Reasonable Rate

First, look at what the instructor charges for their services. The rate that they charge should equal their experience level. For example, you shouldn't have to pay as much to work with a brand new instructor as you would have to pay to work with an instructor who has a couple of decades of experience.

Trait #2: Good Reputation

What other people think of the instructor matters. That is why you should find out what other students think of the instructor. You can look up reviews online or see if you can get information and talk to a few students of the instructor. They will be able to let you know things such as what the instructor's temperament is like. This will help you choose the best instructor for your needs.

Trait #3: Puts Safety First

When it comes to flying, an instructor should put safety first. You want to work with an instructor who takes the time to explain all safety procedures and who doesn't rush through the safety protocols.

Trait #4: Willing to Demonstrate

Learning to fly is a very hands-on experience, which is why it is helpful to have an instructor who is willing to provide you with as many hands-on demonstrations as you need. With such a tactile skill, having an instructor who will not only tell you want to do, but will show you what to do can be really helpful.

Trait #5: Good Communicator

Next, you need an instructor who is a good communicator. Just because one knows how to fly doesn't mean they know how to teach. You want to work with an instructor who has extensive teaching experience, not just flying experience. You want to work with an instructor who communicates in a way that you connect with.

When choosing a flight instructor to work with in order to get your pilot's license, see if you can sit in on a few of their classes and get a feel for their instructional style. This will help you make sure you choose the right instructor to invest in to help you on your journey to becoming a pilot.